Day 5 – A Test and Some Rest

Sidewalks disappear, so people walk in the streets

On the fifth day i stayed at the flat most of the day. Unfortunately i had to write a test for my Civilisation Class. Why didn’t i schedule it for the week after we return? All in all it was a nice day sitting here writing the test, watching X Factor and then shopping. i really feel comfortable in Istanbul, except for the fact that you cannot drink the water, nor brush your teeth with it, the sidewalks disappear, cars and motorcycles yip out of nowhere and sometimes the Muslims scare me a little wearing the black burqa (but as i can see, it is mostly western news that puts the fear of Allah in us). i have already sent a request to a language school for a job and they do need help, but it is down south in Manisa, which sounds great too.

Man cooking my dinner
This is the alleyway from the flat where restaurants are lined all the way down

A lot of people here do not speak English, which is not a big problem when getting around, especially if you carry a map. If you visit here, then i would suggest brushing up on your charade gestures.

4 thoughts on “Day 5 – A Test and Some Rest

  1. Yes, i think that is true too. Turkey is a mix of the two worlds. They don't let religion rule their government. Religion is a personal thing.

  2. Looks nice there. I have always wanted to visit Turkey. Personally i think it is history – both recent and medieval history – that has instilled in us the fear of Allah. That doesn't mean all Muslims are evil or have radical ideas, but there is a reason the world is not concerned about threats from Buddhists…

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