this is the day you fell from grace

Another old poem, i use this word loosely. i do not claim to write poetry or at least good poetry, but i have to express how i feel. Sometimes, it feels more like a song, than poetry. i have had people tell me that i express exactly what they are feeling, so that is why i post it. The first line is somewhat borrowed from a favourite poem.


i carried you in my heart and in my head

i believed all the precious things you said

i treasure them each night as i lay in bed

i ate from your lips all those words you fed

you spoke those lies as i gazed into your eyes

but today i woke to see you’d severed our ties

now i lie here amongst my groans and sighs

and amongst the tears that darkened the skies

i remember all the times you made me smile

and oh how i would’ve walked more than a mile

or climbed a mountain to behold your grace and style

oh how i felt you had loved me for a little while

but now i have this bile feasting upon my heart

your deceit has ripped, cut and torn us apart

how did it happen that a lie found a place to start

it found its place in my heart, your tiny dart

i don’t know if i’ll be able to mend the broken pieces

i’m covered above my head by all your lies and feces

i’m covered by a little lie that continually increases

i’m covered, wondering how a love so strong ceases

i don’t think the sun will brighten another day

i didn’t know a lie could turn a love to ashen grey

i don’t know if this is the place for me to stay

i didn’t think this would be the last thing we’d say

little lies, white lies, big lies blow up in your face

this is the day, the day you fell from my grace


ocean babin

7 – 8 julius 2006

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