Narrow and Void (Yellow Sparrow)

a place we all get to visit in life

My life has played out as a prefabricated illusion
It’s time for me to end my illegitimate intrusion
Around me there is too much dissonant confusion
You and i must not procrastinate our conclusion
It’s time for you to sever our attachment this day
But a world without you will be forever dull and grey
i don’t believe you have anything different to say
In all your words you’ve never given me reason to stay
When i first met you i decided to give love one last try
You carried me to the higher heavens so i could fly
Then you changed and let go, i don’t understand why
So i am suspended alone where nobody hears my cry
i am trapped somewhere between the void and the narrow
i am searching for the love of my yellow sparrow
But on my head is where a vulture has decided to grow
How will this wreck be salvaged i don’t really know
i’ve lost my true friend who taught me how to cope
i’m quickly unraveling above the chasm of lost hope
This damn bird is constantly pecking away the thin rope
So you will finally loose me from the thread i grope
i blindly, willing walk down the golden road that you pave
But it is ripping at my heart this highway of lies you gave
Knowingly i surrendered my heart to you as your slave
But you shattered it to pieces, then sentenced me to hell’s grave.

p.s. Sorry to post another “poem” so quickly, but i am in a revision mode. i will do some kind of photos this weekend, either of my last days in Budapest or of Lyon.

2 thoughts on “Narrow and Void (Yellow Sparrow)

  1. this post sounds like my mind in your words.

    strange how sometimes so similar thing happen to two absolute strangers with no connection with each other at all!


    if its your imagination, i am happy. if its your reality then i am really very sorry and hope it will be over for you for better and very soon.

    1. oh yes, i see what you mean. When it comes to “poems” it is from inside of me, but then again so are stories that i create. Thank you for the good wishes. i hope that you get better soon too.

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