The Battle of Muhi

My friend Tamás took me to visit this site in my last week in Hungary. It is in the middle of nowhere and on the way back from somewhere.

It is in memory of those lost in the battle between the Mongol Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary during 1241.

It seems like it could be much more than it is, perhaps a little park with benches to have a picnic or not. It was quiet, so i liked it.

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3 thoughts on “The Battle of Muhi

  1. Who won? This looks like a very strange and eerie place. Quiet, no doubt – place to picnic – hhmmmm. It would have to be a really neat picnic basket!!

    1. The Mongolians won at first, but later Hungary was able to capture back all and that is when Bela was king. He is the second founder of Hungary. i forget which number Bela.

  2. Who would want to picnic on a battle sight? However, some cemeteries do have, at least, benches to sit on.

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