Fete des Lumieres

If you read this and there are many mistakes, then forgive me because i am very sleepy. i was up late last night and will be for the next three nights. Why you ask? Because Lyon has a festival every year at this time, which is four days (rather nights) long. Fête des lumières (Festival of Lights) dates back to the 1600’s, but has gained popularity in more recent years. i heard there are many more people now than in the 80’s that visit Lyon. Anyway, if you want to know more about the festival, then click the highlighted words.

Last night i walked through the centre to catch some of the displays of lights. i must admit that i am not a Christmas person at all, in fact i have always hated it, but last night i felt excited about it. As i walked down the streets i was filled with the smells of Christmas in Lyon. The aroma of freshly made crepes and hot wine with spices warmed me as i continued from one sight to the next. i actually had a smile on my face the whole time, well almost the whole time. i am not a fan of crowds and there were many people out on a school night, so tonight and the rest of the festival will be chaotic.

Also, to add to the chaos, some of the mass transportation drivers are on strike, but as the French say it would be strange if they did not strike during the festival. Another hindrance for some might be the weather. Today it started snowing huge flakes, but they did not stick and now it is raining.

Sorry for so many photos, but i want you all to see the colors. The first photos are of the Noel (Christmas) market, which i just happened upon on my way to the Festival of Lights.

more to come soon…

2 thoughts on “Fete des Lumieres

  1. Wow, that’s really spectacular!! Thanks for sharing!! France is SO BEAUTIFUL!! 🙂 🙂

    1. i agree 100% France is beautiful. There are many things i cannot wait to see.

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