The Last Day of Fete des Lumieres

On the last day of the festival, Sunday the 9th, i went to Saint Jean Cathedral to see what most had told me was the best of the sights. To my dismay, it was crowded, even though it was the final night and colder than the previous nights. The first viewing of it was not actually a viewing because a building and hundreds or thousands of people were blocking my view, so i just listened to the music and let my imagination do the rest. i have to say i was pretty scared because my imagination is vivid and scarier than the actual production the cathedral’s wall. i imagined monsters, grotesque monsters chasing me around and i could not escape, then i was trapped, but a hero came to save me at the last minute.Unfortunately, the hero was not successful and the monster devoured him.

Anyway, i watched it two more times, one to photograph and the second to film it. Below is the film. The photos will come later, perhaps this evening.

It was incredible, but i am not sure yet if it was my favourite of the sights. i cannot decide which was better, perhaps they are all equal.

more to come…

2 thoughts on “The Last Day of Fete des Lumieres

  1. WOW- I can understand what you felt about the monsters! This is incredible – and all done with lights?? What music was playing? somehow I think it must have been Wagner but, oh yes, he was German! What a way to end this fabulous festival.

    1. Yes, all lights. i do not know about the music, but it was eerie too. i will see if i can figure it out. i like a lot of the music at each sight. Miss you MaandPa.

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