2012 In Music

Thursdays are always about music for me. On my computer i have a list in Winamp that i rotate every Thursday. This past year was one of the worst years in music history, but that is my opinion.

Everything seems auto-tuned today, even the artist that can sing are auto-tuned. It is a bit sad, but also funny that we have come to a point when music is almost robotic. i remember as a kid people saying that music would be computerized in the future. It seems that the future is here. We can do away with the actual singers and just use a computer to make “music.” We can finally do away with the big egos, big paychecks, big bucks for a cd and even bigger dollars for a concert.

Even the music awards this past year acknowledged D.J.’s with an award. The first recipient was David Guetta the French D.J. He has worked with many talentless singers from Rihanna to will.i.am. This guy just plays computer music and mixes music and he is given an award for it. Bizarre.

Luckily, i have been able to find some great music on the internet and from friends that post it on Facebook. So, i thought i would share some of my favourites from the past year. Some of these may be a bit older, but i live in Europe.

Rebecca Ferguson – Heaven, Ed Sheeran – +, TV On The Radio – Nine Types Of Light, Grouplove – Never Trust A Happy Song, Alanis Morissette – Havoc And Bright Lights, P!nk – The Truth About Love, Phantogram – Nightlife, Cut Copy – Zonoscope, No Doubt – Push And Shove, Cage The Elephant – Thank You, Happy Birthday, Coldplay – MyloXyloto and Justin Bieber – Believe (i know people hate him, but i think it was a good pop album).

2013 your job is easy; give us great music. i just read that U2 has a new album coming out, so there is some hope.

more to come…

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