Words Of Love

words of love


you ask me to give you words of love
something as pure as the blood of a heavenly dove
something to satisfy your desire within
but my fire taints my words therein

i give more than i have but i haven’t got anything
but the song in my heart that i sing, i bring
you can’t see it but Saturn has a gorgeous ring
you can’t see my love but you know it’s a beautiful thing

i forsake all reality to appear in your dreams
where we dance under the stars and the moon constantly beams
where we live and love as our hearts desire
and the angels bless us with their heavenly choir

as i said before these are mere words on a page
and true love died with Romeo and Juliet on a stage
so there you are with your love and i with my empty bed
and my passion for you that will remain a prisoner in my head

so i will continually love you in my dreams
the place where love flows like a stream or so it seems
the place where you’ll never see a broken heart
the place where love shall never be torn apart.

ocean babin.

i have not written anything new in a long time, but i want to share what i have not shared before this time.

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