Worst of 2012

Worst list are probably easier to write for most of us, since it seems to be human nature to dwell in the past on the things that make us sad or focus on those that have wronged us in some manner. i used to be one of those people, but then i was able to grow out of it. Unfortunately i live in Hungary and the gloom is a national pastime. Now that i am in Lyon, i hope to return to my former somewhat happier person (i will never be one of those really happy people that smile all the time and the whole world looks like a freaking Julia Andrews musical with birds chirping in your ears and you have a few minor problems but by the end of the story you find your one true love and then you ride off together in a car the flies in the sky. Perhaps i have mixed up some musical, but i think you get the picture or at least i can hope you do) that i was before i rooted myself into the Hungarian goulash. If i do, then next year at this time i hope to have an even smaller list of worst.

These are not in any particular order because i like randomness.

– Moving away from Hungary. “How can it be on both list?” you may ask. “i am a bitter sweet person.” i would respond.

– Psy and his idiotic song. i have heard it five times and it was five times too many.

– Carly Rose Sonenclar lost to a loser country singer on X Factor. In fact, i am always disappointed in the final outcome of these series. Americans are the worst at voting.

– Obama won.

– The Republicans could not find one great candidate to represent the party, which tells me that there is a really decline in decent people in the world.

– Auto-tuned music is still alive and well. Rihanna, Usher, will.i.am and many others who cannot sing are making albums. And great singers that have a voice are even using auto-tune. Cher you are to blame for the popularity of auto-tuned songs.

– D.J. are now given music awards. David Guetta won the first one.

– This was the worst Christmas and New Year ever.

– Saying good-bye to people that i cared about in Hungary.

– Nick and Rosemary left Hungary.

– Merlin ended.

– My first French family was not a good place to live.

– One of my classmates irritates the crap out of me. i want to buy her a muzzle.

– The Artist won best picture. Really? It sucked.

Arrested Development will not air until 2013.

i think that is all for 2012. Here is to a new year of best and hopefully not too many worst, at least nothing serious.

The only universe where an ass could be an elephant or beat an elephant.
i long for your return
i long for you auto-tunes singer to disappear
i long for you to be happy

more to come…

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