Shopping in Lyon

Today begins the three weeks of discount shopping in France. It takes place twice a year, the other time is in June or July, but i cannot remember which day. Sorry. All the shops in the country sell things at a discount, which varies from shop to shop and i guess that it gets cheaper during the three weeks, but good luck at trying to find the correct size or colour by the end of three weeks, unless you are like Gaga (i do not like to call her Lady because i do not think she is much of a lady) and you do not really have taste in clothing, then there is always meat here to wear.

Unfortunately for me it is still expensive, but i was able to buy myself a few items of necessity. As i was walking down the rue i saw a window display that caught my eye (should not it be eyes, i mean i do have two and both work equally well), so i went closer to inspect it (good job for a window display, it should catch the consumer’s eye or eyes) and upon inspection i had two thoughts.

The first photo is of an American Indian and i thought that they were saying, “Go to the U.S. to see the broken Indians.” (oh yes, i forgot to say that it is for a travel agency). If you look closely at the Indian, then you will notice his head is missing part of it.

The second, i thought of my friends Nick and Rosemary. They live in Colorado and often write that i should live there. i thought they paid someone to put the license plate in that window because somehow they knew i would walk down that rue.

IMG_0412 IMG_0413

more to come…

6 thoughts on “Shopping in Lyon

  1. Agree with the gaga part…shudder. Colorado, maybe you should at least visit!! 🙂

  2. I didn’t pay anyone to put that Colorado license plate there for you, but you should move to Colorado. It’s pretty awesome – but only if you like nature and beauty and art and food.

    1. i love beauty and food and music and nature and art and many other things, but not sure of the U.S.

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