i don’t know what i’m feeling

I don’t know what i’m feeling
Some kind of pain courses through
My body aching from head to toe
My mind wanders to and fro
I’ve got blues in my eyes
And the yellow is in the skies
The greys fill my brain
And the reds flow through my veins
I’ve got people on my right side telling lies
Those on my left are severing ties
You’re in the middle not sure what to do
And i’m in the middle not sure what to do
One day heaven was in my reach
But the next i’m on hell’s beach
Love evades me everywhere i roam
In this world, i am never to find home
A simple place to lay my head to rest
It does not exist from the east to the west
Someone turned out the light at the end
The tunnel of love isn’t around the bend
My guardian angel packed his bags and moved on
The hope i held in my hand is gone
I don’t know what i’m feeling
Eating at me like a cancer is this feeling
Eating at me like a cancer is this feeling
But i don’t know what the hell i’m feeling.


p.s. sorry, but i did not write anything today, so i am posting an old poem. i know it is a bit cheesy, but it was a feeling i had once and sometimes it returns. History repeats and continues to do so until the end. In my world things go up high and then down low, but i think it is true for most people. There are times when i do not know what i am feeling. i guess i could say that my feelings are being vague with me.

Today i am just enjoying the weekend. i did not study or anything, but now i will venture out into the night life. i want to go where the people meet, dance face to face cheek to cheek. You know the place where the man from Mars comes down.

What are you guys doing this weekend? Anything exciting?

more to come…

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