Living With Others

It is difficult to live with others, especially if the others are males.

i have lived alone for the past 10 years, which was something new for me. In the U.S. i lived with my family (but only because i had no choice) and then when i became of age, actually before then, i lived with friends or strangers that rented out a room.  It never worked out well for me, so i moved often, even as much as once a month. i lived in California for six months and moved six times. The longest i lived in one house was one year, which i accomplished twice in the U.S., but then i broke that record in Hungary, but only by accident. i lived in one appartement for two years because when it was time to move, i was in the hospital; i do not count it because i was forced.

You are probably thinking the problem is with me and i would agree, but life is not that easy and i am not one to agree so easily without a little thought put into the situation. The problem could be with the others because i have had some success living with a few select people.

Things that cause me stress when living with others:

1. Cleanliness. i hate dirt, especially obvious dirt. Unfortunately i have not encounter many that feel the same as i do, especially in France.

2. Toilet Seat. i think if you are a male and you feel the need to stand up and piss, then you should put the seat down and mop the floor after you have finished.

3. Hair. This is for the female roommates. Why is your hair all over? It is one of the many reasons that i detest cats. i hate finding long strands of hair in the bathroom sink.

4. Food. Why do people eat food that they know they did not buy? And why eat the last of something that you did not buy? Also, please use a glass when you drink; i do not want to see someone drinking milk from the carton. i do not know exactly where you put your mouth, nor do i want to know and i do not want my mouth to go there either.

i am sure there are some other things, but they are minor things; like wearing the shoes in the house. i know this is not normal, but i hate wearing shoes in the house. Do you realise how old that dirt is outside, especially in Europe; 1000’s of years are on the bottom of your shoes.

But i must wonder what the roommates think of me. They might hate that i break out into song from time to time. Sometimes i will sing something that was said during a conversation. It is strange because i hate musicals for the same reason; and i cannot carry a tune. Or maybe they hate when i give random information about a musician or actor. Or it could be that i listen to music loudly. Perhaps it is my need for things to be organised in a particular manner; i like the canned items labels to face forward and my books and cd’s to be in alphabetical order. Or it could be that i have no preference which way the toilet paper rolls; under and over is the same for me. Or my habit of inviting strangers over to sleep; no, not in a weird way, but i have met people who have needed a place to sleep for a night and offered them the sofa.

i guess i am the problem too. This is one of the reasons that i will be forever single; that and my inability to fall in love with someone who loves me too.

As you can see i am a work of art and i am still in progress. Those penguins have some work cut out for them.

Under Construction

p.s. i am still waiting to hear if i will receive any financial aid from the government, but it does not look hopeful. If you want to donate the link is below. i am still without a plane ticket to the U.S.

more to come…

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