AFI 100 Years…100 FIlms

i have decided to review American Film Institute 100 Years…100 Films. i will try to watch one film per week, perhaps two if time permits. i have seen most of these films, but i want to watch them again and give a few thoughts from my point of view; a simple point of view, perhaps a humourous one.

i will not necessarily watch them in order because i am too random. i have noticed over the years that i need to be in the mood to watch certain films, especially comedy. i watched Zoolander and Wedding Crashers when they were new films, but hated both, but years later i grew to enjoy them immensely. i believe, especially for comedy, that timing is everything when watching a film.


Citizen Kane was named the best film of all-time and i agree that it is one of the best made, but more of why i think this later. Below is the link to AFI. You can see the list that i will be reviewing. Remember that i am not a film critic, but a film lover. My reviews will not be technological; i will talk about how i see the film, the message if there is one, my feelings if i have any and i will give away the ending sometimes. i do appreciate your thoughts, but i am writing these for me.

Also you can see their other 100 Lists on the site, perhaps i will do 100 Laughs, if i finish this one.

more to come…

3the-wizard-of-oz-dvd-cover-63Titanic original    2toy-story-buzz-and-woodylarge_SCC_GRADUATE-THE_2D_BR_I-1

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