In Digoin On A Boat

i am back.

i spent a week on a boat in Digoin, which is in the Bourgogne of France.

As for the actual boat tour, i can recommend it, but only with some conditions.

First off, i suggest going in the summer when the weather is better. It rained every day and the sun shined only two afternoons, so it was a bit of a downer and the nights were cold. i have a sore throat and runny nose.

Second suggestion, you must love camping. Staying on a boat for a week is like camping. You have limited water, limited sleeping areas, limited toilet space (the toilet closet was so small that i had to turn around to button up), and limited heating (you have to turn off the heat at night, so it gets cold).

And finally, you will have to work. There are many locks in the canals, so you will have to have one person to tie up the boat in the lock and possibly work the controls. It is actually quite fun and if the lock keepers are there, you can meet some interesting people.

There are some positives in taking a boat trip through France. You will see another side of France that you might not see in a big city. If you are with close friends, you will have the opportunity to become closer. i was fortunate to be with two people i love very much and we had fun learning more about each other. We tried food and wine of the region and everything was delicious, especially the baguettes. i am convinced that the French are the masters of cuisine.

i took many pictures of the trip, so i will post some from the first day and more later.

DSC_0033 DSC_0034 DSC_0039 DSC_0050 DSC_0051 DSC_0055 DSC_0056 DSC_0062 DSC_0075 DSC_0077 DSC_0078 DSC_0081 DSC_0084 DSC_0088 DSC_0091

more to come…

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