Is Prom bad?

What has become of this world? There are some things that we did as kids, but today are being ripped apart, especially by feminist. i read an article on CNN, in which the writer tears apart prom.

i remember my prom fondly. i remember that is was not just for the rich, or middle class, but for the poor too.

i remember many people having fun, dancing, going out to eat dinner, riding in a limo, and trying to get a first kiss for some, and trying to have sex for the first time for others. i went for the dance and food.


Either way, it was a fun time for most. i am sure there was a bit of drama for some, but not for my small circle of friends.

What do you think about prom? Was it a great time? Or should it be tossed away with many other traditions that are not P.C. enough for some people.

This might be the stupidest thing i have read in years, but here is the article if you want to read it.

more to come…

2 thoughts on “Is Prom bad?

  1. Oh prom 🙂
    It use to be fun, it use to be like you said, for everyone!
    Now, PARENTS (that would be “our generation”) has messed it up. When did it become a competition? I wish parents would tell their little darlings no once in a while, let them be kids, teach them it isn’t about who had the biggest and best. Ok, off my soap box.

    Don’t get rid of prom. Just get over the competition!

    1. i agree that too many parents today give into their child’s demands too easily. Prom should be a fun time and not about competition.
      Soap box is okay from time to time.

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