Random Ramblings

Day before yesterday i posted a photo of a cat, i had more likes that day than any other day and i gained a couple of followers. i really hate cats and do not understand why so many people love cats, but i realised that there are many things that the masses enjoy, yet i detest those things.

i hate The Beatles. i might have known one, maybe two other people in my life that feels the way i do about The Beatles. i just do not get the appeal to their music, especially from the generations that came after they stopped producing records. i have even waited on one of them when he stayed at the hotel that i worked in many years ago, but i thought he was just another picky customer that should eat at home and  not make the cooks change everything to his taste.

Everyone tells me that The Beatles revolutionised music, but it still sounds like crap to me. i know that behind every new music scene there were other groups doing the same thing, but usually better, so i wonder who was doing it during the time of The Beatles.

i do like some songs by the individual members of the group, especially Paul McCartney and Wings, and one song by George Harrison, one by John Lennon (no, it is not Imagine) and none by Ringo.

Another thing i hate is football (American), especially watching it on television. i cannot understand why anyone would want to watch people go back and forth on a field while carrying a ball; it is sort of like tennis, but a little slower. i think watching paint dry might actually be more exciting for me, but that would also depend on the colour of paint.

Psy, the international one-hit wonder. Horrible music, but it was very successful; i barely made it through one listening. Hopefully, he will disappear quickly like Vanilla Ice on a hot summer day.

And now about me or should i say more about me.

i am trying to cram some sight-seeing of Lyon before i move away at the end of the month, so hopefully i will be posting more photos for you to enjoy.

i hung out with a French friend on the steps next to the Rhone and it was nice, except for the part when we were harassed a bit by some Arab boys. It seems that if you do not give them what they want, then they just take it from you and no one around helps.

And finally, when will people start commenting on my blog? i get so many hits on my film reviews, but no comments. i wish people would write something, even if it is to say that i suck as a writer, then i can try to improve, but nothing leaves me wondering and wandering aimlessly through the blogging world. i just have to remember that i do this for me more than i do it for you. i enjoy writing more than i enjoy breathing. i do not actually enjoy breathing, but it is an unnecessary necessity of life, like going to the bathroom.

Speaking of the bathroom, we have a new roommate from Texas and i mean really Texas with the full accent and a lot of y’alls. He also leaves the toilet seat up like every other boy roommate i have ever had in my life. He seems like a nice guy (besides the toilet problem), but i will hold judgment until after i move out.

A nice view from across the Rhone.
The same view, but i like it for different reasons.

more to come…

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