London – Camden Market

Camden Market was recommended to me by a friend, if she had not, then i would have missed it. At first glance, it looked boring, but the deeper in that i walked, the more entertaining the market became for me. There are many shops for many different types of people. The market is even open on Sundays, as most things in England, unlike Europe where everything is closed.


i was surprised to see a canal with locks here; it reminded me of my wonderful time in Digoin, France. Many people buy food in the food stands next to the canal, then they sit along the water and enjoy their super cheap, but tasty food. The food is from all over the world. The workers will even let you sample their cuisine to entice you to buy it.


There is an area with second-hand things, which was also very interesting. At this point of the market i was thankful to Ryan Air, because on Ryan Air you have a 10 kilo limit for carry-on luggage. They could advertise, “At Ryan Air, we save you from buying unnecessary souvenirs.” But if you have the money, then you could pay the exorbitant fees to check your luggage.

DSC_0033  DSC_0041 DSC_0045 DSC_0051 DSC_0052

more to come…

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