London to Marlow

My friends have this secret garden behind the garages, which are behind the house. It is quite cool and a very pleasant place to have a meal, drink a tea or read a book. In a big city like London, it is nice to have a place to getaway for a little quiet time.

The garages
The passage.
The path.
My lovely friends waiting for me.
The neighbours have a plastic tree.

After breakfast in the secret garden, we drove to Marlow, a small village west of London, on our way to Reading. There is a bridge there, in which Hungarians should recognise. This bridge was designed by William Tierney Clark; he designed the Széchenyi lánchíd in Budapest.


We walked along the river for a little and there was a lady with a very long boat. i took some photos, then she gave us a brief history. British people are very friendly and informative. We got some ice cream, banana Popsicle for me, but i dropped it. i thought of invoking the 5 second rule because it was delicious.


i like cemeteries for some unusual reason that i cannot explain. It might have something to do with the cemeteries in New Orleans, which are unique because the people are not buried underground.


The moon appeared for us. It was a nice excursion before going to Reading for a few days.


more to come…

2 thoughts on “London to Marlow

    1. i say thanks for the designer and all the little people that helped build it.

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