Unidentified Flying Ocean

Early, very early in the morning, i took a coach from central London to Stansted Airport. Almost as soon as i got on the bus it started to rain for the first time since i arrived in England. i am already afraid of flying, in fact i have a story that goes through my head whenever i think of flying. The plane will crash in the ocean, even if it is not flying over the ocean, i will be the only survivor because i found something to float on for three days. After three days without water and food and just before a rescue plane finds me, a shark will attack and eat me.


Fortunately that did not happen, but there is still time for it in my future.

Something worse happened.

After we were seated in the plane the pilot announced that we were not cleared for take off because of the heavy rain and lightning. We sat on the plane for two hours, two very long boring hours. i had my passport in a plastic envelope thingy, along with my ticket stub. i thought it was better to hold it than to leave it in my suitcase. i decide to put it between the upright tray and the seat, so it was hidden, near me and not sitting in my lap. i bet you see where this story is going.

About four hours later we landed in Baden-Baden Germany. i was so excited, sort of like a puppy when he sees the postman, so i quickly grabbed my luggage and jumped off the plane and hopped into the bus to the terminal.

Someone mentioned that they needed to get their passport ready and i remembered that i had left mine on the plane. i screamed to the bus driver to let me out, but he started the engine, laughed a maniacal German laugh and took off.

i explained to him that i must have my passport to enter the building and he told me to wait. So i waited.

And waited.

Then a woman asked me about my passport, then told me to wait.

So i waited again.

And waited.

And continued to wait.

A policeman asked me what happened and why was i waiting for a long time. i explained it to him and then he took me to the lost and found. The woman there told me that it was too late to search the plane because it was on the runway. “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Stop the plane,” i yelled. But she told me it was too late.

i was so angry with the idiots at RyanAir. Yes, i left it, but they were not willing to actually help me retrieve it back. i would rather walk than ever use that useless crappy airline. Worst customer service ever! It took me almost two weeks to get it back.

i had to go to the police station to be fingerprinted and have a photo taken, so they could make a temporary passport, but only after they asked a million questions and insulted me.

The policeman asked me if i was ill. i asked why and he told me that i was too white.

As i wrote, i received it back, but only after a service charge from RyanAir and a delivery charge from FedEx. You cannot post a passport. i would never do it if it was coming to Hungary, in fact i would never post anything to Hungary. The Hungary post should be called The Bermuda Triangle Postal Service.

Update: i am in Debrecen for a few more days, then i will return to Budapest for a few days before flying to the U.S.

Pastry school is looking like an option, especially thanks to my best friend for the help. i just need about 1440.50 within 3 months of starting school.

more to come…

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