My Pál Tamás


i have heard about geocaching for many years, but i thought it was only in the forest and i have a healthy fear of lions and tigers and bears and other wild creatures, so i never tried it.

During my visit to Budapest i stayed with a couple i have known many years. Marianne and Miki told me about geocaching because they were on their way to Vienna to enjoy an adventure of geocaching. Vienna? i have been many times, but i could not recall seeing a forest. They explained it all to me.

There are buried or hidden boxes all over the world. In these boxes one can find a treasure (a little knickknacks or toys) or a piece of paper to sign that you were there.

If you want to feel like Captain Jack Sparrow in an adventurous treasure hunt, then i suggest that you give it a try.

All you need is a GPS to guide you and a pen to write. If you want to collect a trinket from the box then bring some to trade.

more to come…


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