The Donut Library



Doughnuts in Hungary are good for many things. You can use them as a door stopper, weights to build up your muscles, tires for a child’s wagon and as a weapon against an enemy, but they are not good for eating.

Until now.

The Donut Library is a great place to get an American-style donut in Budapest. The interior is bright and colourful with a few tables and a library of books, in which you can trade an old novel for a new one. The library contains books in English and Hungarian.

But the main reason to visit The Donut Library, is the doughnuts. They have really colourful doughnuts with unique names and flavours.

The service needs a bit of work, but i might be very American because i think everyone should smile when they are waiting on customers. i work hard for my money and i would rather see a smile when i am shopping, not the typical Hungarian frown.

In my opinion, it is a little expensive for the Hungarian to eat as a breakfast, but when you factor in that you can trade your old novel and think of it as a dessert, then it is a bargain.

Some links for The Donut Library:

more to come…

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