The best moments in life, at least for me, are the ones that i share with great friends. i am a bit sentimental, or perhaps i am just mental, but i love my friends, my true friends and i miss them when i cannot see them or talk to them for long periods of time.

i have had many friends over the years of my life, but unfortunately i have lost many because of my gypsy heart that feels the need to roam from place to place.

Luckily or unluckily in some cases, it is easier to keep contact with friends now that we have Facebook, Skype and other forms of instant communication.

During my visit back to Hungary i was able to visit many friends, but the most inspiring was Julia. She has had a terrible year, but she still carried a smile and a positive attitude.


We enjoyed a surprisingly excellent meal at a local Hungarian restaurant, Jelen Bistro, located near Blaha tram stop and the best hostel in Budapest, Beat Hostel, where i made a new friend Laszlo. He made me feel comfortable during my stay. Beat Hostel is small, but has a friendly staff and a kitchen to cook your meals.

i can highly recommend Jelen if you are looking for a delicious meal. They even have a Sunday Brunch, which includes Pancakes American-style. If you decide to visit Jelen, then i suggest you sit outside so you can see the colourful people walking by as we did. We saw a “woman” who had a one too many visits to a plastic surgeon. i am still not sure if she was a real woman. We also witnessed a documentary filming which involved the police.

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