First Week Of Auguste Escoffier School Of Culinary


First week of Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary is behind me. In the past week we studied ServSafe, which is the organisation that provides the cooking industry a method to keep the public safe for getting sick when they eat out.

One of the main points that ServSafe teaches, which i think of as a common sense thing to do, is to wash your hands. i wash my hands often, especially after i touch something that is not on my body because i usually think most people do not wash properly. i have had the unfortunate displeasure of using the toilettes that other men use and i can testify that many men do not wash after releasing bodily fluids. Think about that next time you shake hands with another male.

We also learned a lot of other things. But one thing that is very important, if you want to keep others from getting ill, is to keep food at the right temperature. If you do not, then bacteria will start growing and someone might get ill.

It was an awesome week. i have a very diverse group of classmates, but they all appear eager to learn and help each other learn about the art of baking.

Our Chef/Teacher Janet for the past week was very engaging in her teaching methods. She used social media, games, candy and even stickers to keep us entertained in this very dull topic.

Chef Janet made this week even more awesome by calling me Chef as we crossed paths.

Next week we will begin our baking course with another Chef. He has a lot to live up to after this past week with Chef Janet.

more photos:

more to come…

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