Under A Bridge

Do people who never cared remember all the great times? Do they ever think of those they hurt?

i feel like i should be living under a bridge somewhere, somewhere nobody will notice me, notice my sadness, my watery blue eyes, the tears that stain my cheeks or notice my hollowness.

i feel empty inside.

The wold has stopped spinning. Everything is frozen in time, my heart, my thoughts are frozen on the one thought.


Why am i not like all the other people? Why do i put so much of myself into a friendship? Why did i trust some other human that is incapable of honesty? Why do i give my all to a few people and those people leave me?

i am nothing.

possibly more to come…


2 thoughts on “Under A Bridge

  1. You have a huge family that cares about you and always have as you’ve traveled all over the place. And you are truly blessed to have Nick and his family give you a home. Many people have no family and no place to go…. and really are living under the bridges.

  2. I’m sorry that people have hurt you, Ocean. I think there are a lot more people who care about you than you realize. That family you are staying with is a great example. They sound like wonderful people (and probably very good-looking). Don’t read into things – I’m sure they love having you around, and consider you part of the family.

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