Jelly Cafe


Donut Holes
Donut Holes

Arriving safely to Denver Airport was a happy moment, but my friend Nick took me to a place i have wanted to visit for a long time in Denver, Jelly Cafe. They have the best holes there. Their holes are filled with wonderful flavours, flavours that explode in your mouth.

i had two favorites, the bacon hole and the Thai peanut hole. If you have not tried them, then i recommend that you pick me up and we go together. It was packed on a Wednesday morning after 10 a.m., but the wait was not long. The servers and the host was friendly. It is a very funky place with interesting decor, even old cereal box cartons on the wall in frames. They have a full breakfast menu, if you do not want donut holes.

Perhaps it is culture shock that i feel, but i am not sure. i miss Europe, Hungary, France and my best friend.

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