töltött káposzta

Today i prepared töltött káposzta (stuffed cabbage, but i did it Beáta Stanicsné Bödő-style and i layered it). It is one of my favourite Hungarian dishes.

Please do not tell me that i prepared it the wrong way because there are as many ways to prepare it as there are families in Hungary. Some families make it with another spice, so it is sweeter, some like to make it more sour, others like to add more meat and others like to add tomatoes. i suggest to try it different ways.

Here is the recipe in pictures.


Thick bacon cut into chunks.


Sauerkraut on top of it.


Paprika sprinkled. i used the regular, not the spicy one and add some flour.


In a separate bowl mix together 1 kilo ground pork, 1/2 to 3/4 kilo uncooked washed rice, black pepper, salt, paprika and 1 egg. Mix and make balls.


Add meat balls.


More sauerkraut and paprika.


Now add a layer of pork sausage, i was fortunate to have some homemade Hungarian sausage, so it was filled with paprika.


Another layer of sauerkraut.


More flour and paprika., then fill with water to cover it all. Cover, cook for 2 hours or so. (Sometimes i like to add tomatoes (fresh or stewed) to this layer.


It will look like this, but the photo is a bit brighter than it actually was when it was done.


i usually serve it in a bowl topped with sour cream, then mix it in the dish. It is good to have some of the juices in your bowl. Grab a thick piece of fresh bread, maybe like a baguette. Eat.

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