Two New Comedies?

God Friended Me

I was watching a new series online at and I thought it was so bad that I had to write about. CBS new series, God Friended Me does not offer anything new. If you have seen Highway to Heaven, Touched by Angel (to a lesser degree) Joan Of Arcadiaor last season’s Kevin (Probably) Saves the World, then you have seen God Friended Me.

I was a fan of Joan of Arcadia because of the great actors and weekly stories were interesting to me. Unfortunately, God Friended Me does not have great actors and the story is a Hollywood rethread. The plot is God sending a friend request to a guy who in turn will help out people each week per God’s request. If God is the Creator of the Universe and All-Knowing, then wouldn’t He know that Facebook is not where the young people hangout? Wouldn’t He follow him on Instagram and send him photos of the people to help? Or maybe He would join him on Tinder (or is Tinder passé) and send Him on “dates” with people who need help. He could swipe left or right depending on if he feels he really wants to help out the person in need.

Brandon Micheal (his mother apparently could not spell) Hall, who starred in The Mayor, a series that was cancelled after one season and it was less ridiculous than this one, does not have the so-called x-factor. His personality in both series is the same. If this series is going to survive it needs a star that people will want to see and stories that people will want to hear. It has neither.

The first episode of a series is not always the best and I would usually give it a few more tries unless it was a complete train wreck, but this is too silly for me. I would score it 5/10 because I was able to at least complete it, but I would never watch it again.


I Feel Bad.

Another comedy series which I found to be horrible is from executive producer Amy Poehler, I Feel Bad. That is exactly how I felt after watching a few episodes. The main problem with this series besides lacking humour is that the younger couple has zero chemistry. I am not sure where the fault lies, but Paul Adelstein and Sarayu Rao come off as two strangers with two children who look nothing like them, so basically a television family. I was uncomfortable watching them pretend to be a married couple. 5/10

I will write about a few other series, I hope. I used to love to write, but depression killed it for me.

And a final note to CBS. You suck. Your online viewing experience is the worst. After the commercials the programs goes back to the beginning every time. I will never watch anything online again from CBS.

more to come…

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