Smoking in France

i noticed something here that i had not noticed in the Hungarians, but know to be true of them as well; the French people smoke a lot. It is a bit strange since the government seems to be against it and they have banned smoking indoors, but you can smoke in the tram stops and bus stops, which is unlike Budapest.

Most of my classmates smoke during the breaks and they have had conversations about the differences in their countries in regard to price. France seems to be the most expensive for a pack at 6 euro and up. Also here they are really aggressive in the warning against smoking on the packs. i took some photos of my classmates cigarettes because i thought it was funny. You can look at them below.

The other unusual thing about it is that you can only buy cigarettes in a Tabac shop, which also sells magazines, schools supplies and lottery tickets. Mom can buy Vogue for herself, a pen and paper for junior and a pack of cigarettes for dad. Everybody is happy!

These shops are around the city, but usually close around 7 and they are closed on Sunday as most shops are in Lyon.

So, if you smoke and are planning to visit, then perhaps you should buy your smokes before you arrive. i know this is random, but many things are in my head and i just did not feel like writing much today. i hope this topic was useful to someone out there.

i am not advocating smoking, but merely writing what i observe.

i am feeling the melancholy of my existence on this planet and i cannot seem to shake it off.

School is okay, but i feel lost most of the time. i am moving at the end of the month to another family, but i have not meet them yet. i feel trapped inside, especially now that it has turned chilly.

Does anyone know what i am talking about? Or i am alone as usual?

more to come…

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