1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die


I used to write a lot before I moved to the USA five years ago. I suffered from a deep depression that has never left my side and it is partly due to PTSD and the rest is none of your business. No, I was not a soldier in a war, unless you consider my childhood a battlefield and I was a child solider fighting the big bad adult who is supposed to take care of you, but he would rather do harm to you.

I digress. This is normal for someone with PTSD and this is not about all of that. Or is it?

A boy I know recently reminded me that I too am a one-trick pony. Or rather I was at one time. All my childhood I had writing. It was the only constant for me. People were not to be trusted. But like other humans who abandoned me I abandoned writing because I wanted to be a two or three-tricked pony. I am unfaithful.

I decided to start writing again, but I needed to write something that was not about me and my depression. As I was spinning down the rabbit hole of the internet I came across this book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die edited by Robert Dimery. I was hooked on the words music and die.

As I looked through the pdf copy of the book I realised that some of the albums/cds he listed were crap that I would never listen to and you will see why as I go through the first one from Frank Sinatra.

I will definitely write about one album a week, especially in the beginning, but as I draw near to the 70s I will have listened to a few of them because my mother listened to music all the time when she was home. The 80s and beyond will be many cds that I personally owned so it will be easy to write about my experiences and memories of it. Actually, not easy to write about because some it will have bad memories.

I used to make homemade cassette tapes and later cds for “friends” of music that I thought they should hear. It was a way for me to say things I could not say or to show love without words. Music has always been my non-judgmental friend that has not failed me or left me.

The first album is Frank Sinatra’s In The Wee Small Hours. I will write about it in the next blog post.




2 thoughts on “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

  1. I can’t wait to read your next post 🙂 And I’m would love to make iluustrations to your words, in a novel or just a blog post.

    1. Thank you and you can make anything you want to make. You are very talented.

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