1001 Albums #5

Fats Domino (Yes, he called himself Fats, but today he could not get away with that name. It would hurt the feelings of all the fat people) is someone I have heard of and someone I have heard a few songs from, but I would not consider myself a fan at all. I appreciate what he did for music. Without Domino we might not have rock and roll music. Elvis Presley, the king of rock and roll called Fats Domino the real king of rock and roll.

If the times had been different during Domino’s musical era, then he might have been more success, been coined the king of rock and roll and had a number 1 hit on the pop charts. Possibly. He is not as known now as some of the other artist of his time. I could not find a complete version of the album This Is Fats! anywhere I searched. I eventually had to search for YouTube for each song separately.

I really do not have a lot to say about Fats Domino. He was from New Orleans, but his music did not evoke any memories of the French Quarter for me as Louis Prima’s Wildest! did. In fact, I felt that all the songs sort of bled into each other as one long song. I did not feel anything for Blueberry Hill. It left me with a lot of questions. Was it a hill made of blueberries? What exactly was the thrill he felt? Was he alone when he felt the thrill or did he meet God there like Moses with the burning bush? I read that his biggest ambition was to keep the 10 Commandments. The other song that was a little weird was Honey Chile. I thought he was singing about Chile the country, but his chile is a misspelling of child.

In conclusion, I would never purposely listen to the album, but I would not run out of the room either. You can hear some of his music in the hit series of the 70s Happy Days, but good luck finding Happy Days. It is safely tucked away like Fats Domino’s music in obscurity.

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