1001 ALBUMS #12

Oh nooooooooo! Another jazz album. I should have listened to them out of order. I cannot handle anymore jazz. Miles Davis is no exception in the jazz chaos. I especially think it is weird when you think of yourself as the Birth of the Cool

For the most part critics were the only ones who liked Miles Davis’ album when it was released. It was not a hit album at the time, but history has been kind to Birth of the Cool. Many of the songs are jazz standards now.

At first I thought I did not like it, but as I listened to it a few times it grew on me. It is not as chaotic as the previous jazz albums I have listened to in 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die list. I guess you could call it cool jazz.

If I listened to it enough, then I might change my mind about buying it. I wonder if the artist is dead who does the money go to if we purchase their music. Is it fair that his or her family gets money for something they did not create? Should it become public domain if the artist is dead? The idea of public domain is strange to me. What do you think about public domain and cool jazz?

2 thoughts on “1001 ALBUMS #12

  1. Love love love this album. “Some Kind of Blue” is one of my all time favorites. I was lucky enough to see one of Miles’s last concert before he passed. I was 19 or so.

    1. Wow. That is amazing. As you can see through my progression of writing the blog my feels changed. I started writing when I first listened, then I go ill so I stopped and after I started over.

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