1001 Albums #18

I listened to Lady Gaga around the time of her first album The Fame was reissued as The Fame Monster. After this time, I became bored with her. Her voice is bland so she does all the weird crap to mask it. Most things in the pop world is covered up gaga. This is how I sort of feel about Sarah Vaughan. After listening to Billie Holiday, Vaughan bored me a little. I did not hear the pain in her voice. It is just another pretty voice covered in the her sassiness.

To be honest, I thought Vaughan the second female on the list was white, but I realised that I was wrong after I listened to a little more of her album At Mister Kelly’s. By the way, were white women not singers during the 50s? There has not been a white woman on this list yet. As I read about Vaughan, her upbringing seemed a little vanilla compared to Holiday and most of the others on the 1001 Albums.

I do not think I like live albums. I hate when people clap. I hate when they clap in the cinema too. I am thinking, “Who the hell are you clapping for?” The actors and crew of the film literally cannot hear you clapping. Vaughan’s album has people laughing at times during a song and we are not sure why. She does some ab-libbed lines. She was known as Sassy and she is a bit sassy. One time on Good Morning America Mariah Carey did a little ab-lib line during her song. Her backup singers were singing too loud so she sang to them during the performance, “Stop singing over my part now Baby.” It was hilarious.

Another thing that Vaughan does is scat. I am not a fan of scat singing either. The only thing I knew about scat was from Paula Abdul when she sang a song with MC Skat Kat and he was a rapper. When I hear people singing scat I think they are speaking gibberish and they forgot the lyrics. Lyrics are important to me. They are the words to the story I want to hear. If I am listening to just music, then I will listen to something with a beat so I can move.

Unfortunately, I did not care much for Vaughan for several reasons and the next album is not giving me hope either since it is Ella Fitzgerald and she is known as a scat singer. Why is a live album which has previously recorded songs from the artist even on the list? I thought there were strict rules for this list.

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