1001 Albums #20

The Genius of Ray Charles? Someone decided Ray Charles was a genius and many of his album titles have agreed. I wonder if it was a tongue-in-cheek nickname. I knew I had heard of him before listening to the album, but after listening to the Side A I was not so sure. Unlike some of the females I have heard on the 1001 Albums, his voice is definitely one that is easily recognisable when you hear it once.

Surprisingly or maybe not surprisingly for the times The Genius of Ray Charles was a bit of a failure. Charles was a bit of an adventurer in more than one way. He liked to crossover through different genres. He played rhythm and blues, pop, swing pop, country, gospel, jazz and other women besides his wife. He had something in common with Stevie Wonder. They were both blind piano players, but I like Charles’ voice better.

Everywhere I look I see that Ray Charles was a songwriter, but if you look through his albums he rarely wrote anything. He probably wrote a couple lyrics once and was tagged a writer.

The B side of the album is filled with ballads and for me that is the side I would listen to much more. It was the side that I realised where I heard his voice. He sang a song with one of my favourite bands INXS. After some research I found a song that as a child I remember my grandmother playing on her record player “I Can’t Stop Loving You.” His voice is beautiful on the B side. I would buy this album for those six songs alone. It is a very romantic side.

6 thoughts on “1001 Albums #20

    1. Billie Holiday was great. Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra has had some good music too. Sinatra was a surprise for me. The 60s will begin soon so I am almost hopeful.

      1. I hated Sinatra because I thought he only sang one song. My Way. I hate that song. He was actually better than that song. I love his more romantic album.

      2. I’d guess that’s true of a lot of artists: they become famous for a song which is not at all like most of the music they created. I’m sure that discovering some of that is one of the main benefits of this project. I’m trying to think if there are any artists who I like their one, famous hit, but I don’t like the rest of their music…. I bet there are, but I can’t think of any at the moment.

      3. Or if there is an artist who you hate the one song and never really heard the rest of their music. Another benefit is that I am writing a little. Someone took the desire away from me.

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