1001 Albums #21

Miles Davis again. There are a few artist who will be on this list a few times. Davis’ second entry Kind of Blue is very different than his first one Birth of the Cool. I do not think of the colour blue as depressing as most people do. When I think of blue, I think of the water, the sky, and you. When Davis thinks of blue he is definitely taking you on the route of sadness.

I was thinking this was a great album to play in the background. It is until it isn’t. At times, it seems to like being in the background quietly playing while I cook my dinner or work on something else. Then it changes with a loud horn and becomes obtrusive in my thoughts. It is like having a best friend who enjoys hanging out until he decides to toss you aside for something better.

It definitely progresses into the deeper part of the blues, especially in the final song “Flamenco Sketches.” I am not sure which came first. Was I depressed before listening to this album or did this album make me realise that I was masking my depression until I was alone? As a child, I wore all blue many days. I even had blue underwear and socks. There was a painting on one of the walls of a school I went to of Little Blue Boy, so was I dubbed Little Boy Blue. It has been a very Miles Davis blue day.

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