1001 Albums #24

I am surprised Joan Baez is the first white female to make the list. I have never heard of her music, but I am not into folk music. I was excited for the 60s to arrive, but Baez’s self-titled album made me regret it.

She is not horrible if you like female chipmunks singing. Or a screeching owl who is being hunted by a pack of hungry wolves. Each wolf has a limb and they are puling her apart, but not enough to shut her long, worldly whinny voice down. I guess that is an accurate description of most female folk singers. I can see her singing at a fair where a bunch of weirdos are dressed up like it is 1360 and they are jousting on fake horses as if they are in a Monty Python film.

If this is what started off the 60s it is no wonder Vietnam and Cuban Missile Crisis happened. I imagine Japanese people committing harakiri to escape the sound of Baez’s voice.

One final thought, Baez is also listed as a singer, musician, activist, and a songwriter, but she rarely wrote anything that she sings. Most of her songs are interpretation of other artist’s songs. I think they give anyone the title songwriter. This album is at the top of my worst albums ever list.

6 thoughts on “1001 Albums #24

    1. Lol. Are you joking? When did you listen to her? That song was not on this album. It is a Bob Dylan song and it has been done better by Rod Stewart and The Pretenders and anyone other than her. Did you listen to the album I reviewed? I would give it a zero rating.

      1. I couldn’t find the title of the album you listened to in your post. You might consider adding that…
        and her song forever young is not the same as the one by the Pretenders.

  1. I think she and Steve Jobs were together for a while. I tried listening when I was reading his biography. I didn’t like it either.

    1. Yes, I read that they were, but I thought I would let the poor man rest in peace. Who wants to remember her voice? Not me.

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