1001 Albums #25

Elvis Is Back! This is the second entry on the 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. Of course Elvis Presley has a least two albums on the list; he is the King of Rock and Roll. This is his first album after his discharge from the U.S. Army in March 1960.

Presley is in top form on this album. His voice is better than ever and his sound has grown a lot since his debut album Elvis Presley. On the second track “Fever” he proves he can make a bland song sexy better.

One of my favourite tracks is “The Girl Of My Best Friend.” I wonder if The Cars were inspired to create “My Best Friend’s Girl” after hearing this song.

“Dirty, Dirty Feeling” is a fast tune that does not sound like Presley to me. The King does doo wop on Soldier Boy. This is not the Elvis Presley from the films that I remember my grandfather watching over and over. He would watch old Presley films while drinking a beer until he fell asleep. The best part for me was when he would want a fresh beer I could open it and take a sip of it before I handed it to him. Unfortunately I realised quickly that his taste is beer was poor. I will have to check out some of his films now that I am older to see if they were actually any good.

If you are not an Elvis Presley fan, then this might be the album to make you one. Give it a listen on Spotify for free. Spotify is free and more user friendly on a laptop or computer.

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