1001 Albums #28

I will ask you the age old question. Which came first the headache or Jimmy Smith’s Back at the Chicken Shack? I think I should have eaten first so I did not get a headache at the same time as I listened to this album. Why did Jimmy Smith cross the road? To get Back at the Chicken Shack. I am not sure why he getting back at the Chicken Shack. What did the Chicken Shack ever do to him? I can tell you it gave me a headache. Why?

The songs on this album are long and repetitive to me. It was the same song for 8 minutes or more sometimes. It is only five long songs. I think Smith know that if he put more songs on it, then people would not buy it.

Another problem I have with this album is the organ. Was the organ ever cool? I highly doubt it was ever cool, but since he put it in jazz some people thought that was cool. I think Smith has been forgotten today because of the organ and the repetitive songs. I know people who love jazz, but they could not recognise Jimmy Smith.

I would not call this a terrible album since that belongs to Joan Baez. It is a mediocre album. I would not listen to it again, but I see it has some musical merit and would be okay if I were a drunkard lost on Bourbon Street and I wandered into a club and this was playing live I could appreciate it without vomiting.

2 thoughts on “1001 Albums #28

  1. hahaha this is a hilarious review I totally agree. Organs are horrible. My grandmother had an organ. It smelled like old cigars and cigarettes and my grandpa. He was an asshole.

    1. hahahahahaha. That has been the best response yet. Honesty is a like fresh air; hard to find in Cairo. I have been writing about my grandfather in some of these reviews. I am not sure if he was an asshole or just a drunkard.

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