1001 Albums #33

The Bossa Nova craze was fueled in the States in 1962 when the album Jazz Samba by Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd was released. Getz toured Brazil in 1961 and brought back the “new trend” or “new wave” of jazz and samba fusion.

If you do not like samba, jazz, or the horns, then I do not recommend this album. I was waiting to hear this album because I have heard of both artist and I was curious about their sounds.

“Samba de Uma Nota Só” is the worst song because there is a sound in the background which drove me mad. It might be someone sweeping the ground outside or the maracas or I have no idea. I was praying for it to end. Eventually God heard my prayers.

After listening to it I have decided that I could have lived without it. All the songs sounded the same. Do I think that the musician are talent? Absolutely. Would I ever listen to it again? Absolutely not! I could not wait for it to end. Remember I wrote in another blog that I have some things with certain sounds. This album is now on that list, but it is still better than Joan Baez.

The album is the same as the cover art by Olga Albizu. A painful mess. 2/10

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