1001 Albums #35

The Beatles is probably the most famous band in the world. But I have never heard one good song by them. I will say the only songs I have ever heard were on the radio or in a film. I am going to give them a proper open-minded and open-hearted listen. Their second album from England was With The Beatles. I am surprised their first album is not on 1001 Albums…; it was featured in other greatest album ever made lists.

I listened to Please Please Me and I think it might be a little lesser than With The Beatles in quality of songwriting and musicianship. But that is not saying much. There were a couple songs that did not hurt my head. I think I figured out why I hate The Beatles. It is the sound of all their voices together and the strained sound of screaming. It sounds chaotic to me. I do recognise that their sound was unique for the time. After listening to 35 plus albums from that time period I feel like a professional. (That was sarcasm.) The Beatles do not move me. I do not feel sadness, happiness, or like dancing. I feel nothing. Music needs to move me for me to love it.

I thought the funniest song was from Please Please Me. “Boys” was a song from The Shirelles, but The Beatles did not think of changing it at all so it kind of has a gay meaning. They have stated they did not think of changing it because it was great the way it was written. Unfortunately, that was the only song that stuck out.

I will leave this for now because The Beatles have other albums in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. At this point, I retain my original feeling that I am not a fan of The Beatles, but I am open to hearing their later sound. 5/10

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