1001 Albums #41

Getz/Gilberto from American saxophonist Stan Getz and Brazilian guitarist João Gilberto is Bossa Nova Jazz from 1964. It is another collaboration from Stan Getz in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

If you read my review of Getz last album, then you know I hated it. I gave it a 2/10. It was a painful listen. Getz found a better partner in Gilberto. They have made a more pleasurable listening experience.

This album feature Gilberto’s wife Astrud Gilberto who shot to fame with the song “The Girl from Ipanema” and eventually dated and performed with Getz. I guess they like to keep it in the family. She remade “Desafinado” in the 90s with the late great George Michael.

The song “The Girl from Ipanema” has had many versions. Did you know that The B-52’s referenced it for their song “Girl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland.” That was one of my favourite songs in 1986. I used to love the B-52’s. They were the ultimate party dance band.

If you want something with a relaxing sound and some of the songs are sung in Portuguese, then this winner of the Grammy Award for Best Album of the Year in 1965 would be a great choice. It was the only jazz album to win until 43 years later another one won. It is something that can play in the background of your party and be happy to be there. It is a good album. 7/10.

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