Men Bad, Gillette Good

I saw that a friend in Hungary had posted the word Gillette on Facebook. Just that one word. I thought he needed to shave.

Later in the day, I saw a friend had posted a blog about it. You can read his blog here

I started out by responding to his post, but as I was writing it I decided to write about my feelings about Gillette and their ad against toxic masculinity.

I am definitely not considered a masculine male. I was bullied in school and at home by this type of males. I hate them. I hate bullies. I hate how they made me feel that I was not good enough to be on the same planet. I hated my mother’s husbands for how they hated me. It was a vicious circle of hate. I still feel all that hate.

But I have a problem with the ad from Gillette. I do not need a corporation that takes a lot of my money to shave the hair of my face telling me how to act. That is what family should do. That is what community should do. That is what the laws of the land should do. That is what my conscience does.

I do not like that Gillette is propagating that men are bad. I felt that with the #metoo movement and I feel it with this ad. Everything about it shows men as bad. Boys wrestling in the grass is not wrong. Boys have a lot of energy. Why is it wrong if a guy sees a beautiful woman walking by and wants to meet her? That could be the epic love of his and her life.

Where is the ad showing how brutal women can be? I have been bullied by girls in school too. Let us be really honest. Bullies are in both sexes.

Men and women are different. Celebrate the differences. I agree that men should take care of the weak who cannot defend themselves. I also think Gillette should just sell razors. I do not need a razor company to tell me how to act, especially one that made this video:

I think this will backfire on Gillette.

9 thoughts on “Men Bad, Gillette Good

  1. “Boys wrestling in the grass is not wrong.” – the one boy was beating the other boy up, they weren’t wrestling.

    “Why is it wrong if a guy sees a beautiful woman walking by and wants to meet her?” The guy wasn’t intending to meet her, he was looking at her with lust in her eyes, which btw Jesus said was as bad as the sin of adultery.

    “Bullies are in both sexes.” Absolutely. But this is a company that sells things to men, and they are speaking to men, encouraging them to be heroic rather than sexist or bullies.

    1. I don’t know about that. I think they were wrestling. How do you know he had lust in his eyes? I thought he want to meet her. They have an equally large women’s line of razors and products.

      1. Clearly that’s what the add is portraying. One boy is on top of the other and a dad intervenes. One man is lustfully ogling a woman with no intention to love or care for her and someone intervenes. One action is being championed: those who advocate for victims.

    2. And one more thing. Did you notice that the “bad” guys are mostly white males and the “good” guys are mostly black males?

      1. BUT… can you imagine what it would communicate if it was the other way around? Perpetuating racist stereotypes… I don’t think you can win on that one. No matter what combos you use, you lose.

      2. #truestory. I watched the video a few times trying to figure out what made me angry about it. I should not be angry or feel anything since I was bullied. It is a polarising issue. I wonder how they will determine who they are donating their money to.

      3. I’m sure they will have application process, but I’m curious if they will exclude Faith-based groups.

      4. I mean I am white guy and I feel that everything is telling I am bad for being white and male. Yet. I had a horrible childhood and I feel like I have not had any advantages. It is tiring. Nice chat. I have to get back to work or my boss will wonder if I sit on the blog all day. 🙂

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