1001 Albums #47

I’ve Got a Tiger by the Tail by Buck Owens is not something you could pay me to listen to, but since I am challenging myself with 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die I listened to it.

I think I have a new album to hate. I might put it close to Joan Baez. His voice was like I was being murdered, but not the kind of murder that actually kills you, it is the kind that keeps you alive so you must suffer and you have no control over the situation. And while you are being murdered and made to suffer through it there are a millions cats screaming in the background, but not too far in the background so that I can ignore them. Then finally to add more torture someone with a really deep voice talks to you like he is swallowing water the whole time. There is no escape.

I guess you can figure it out, but I hated this album. This is waterboarding music and not the good kind of waterboarding. I give it the Joan Baez rating. 0/10.

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