1001 Albums #58

When I saw Bob Dylan on the list again, I suddenly got a chill. I was excited. I felt something I do not feel often. I felt I was about to listen to a friend talk to me about life, love, and things I would keep in my heart forever. Here comes Highway 61 Revisited.

Like a Rolling Stone” opens the album. This is a different Dylan than all the previous albums. He is a rock star. He is asking me “How does it feel?” He cares about me. Unlike my real best friend. I have had two great friends or at least I thought I did, but both of them deserted me. One for a girlfriend and the other who knows why. People wonder why I do not trust anyone. If you cannot trust your best friend, then you cannot trust anyone. I could go one step more and say if you cannot trust your parent, then you cannot trust anyone. It feels like shit Bob Dylan.

“Queen Jane Approximately” is probably my second favourite song. It is similar to “Like a Rolling Stone” in topic. In “Ballad of a Thin Man” Dylan sings “Now, you see this one-eyed midget shouting the word “Now”. I found that funny because I think that is now one of those words people get upset if you use it. It was a funny song because he lets out a slight laugh in the beginning of the song. He seems to be relaxed in this album. I like that he is telling people how he feels.

If I have a least favourite song it would be “Highway 61 Revisited“. I hate the siren sound at the beginning. The guitar in this song bothers my head and I do not care about the lyrics. I would skip this song when I listen to the album.

It is an amazing album and would be more so without one song. I do not think anything will be as good as “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan”. I have a feeling that this album will grow on me even more later. Longer songs usually take me longer to like unless I can dance to them. 9/10.

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