1001 Albums #59

The Who’s My Generation is one of the most overrated albums ever. My prior knowledge of The Who is from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, an American television series. Their opening song is “Who Are You“. I had a hard time listening to this album.

I thought they were trying to sound like different bands. In one song, I thought it was The Rolling Stones on “The Good’s Gone” and another I thought it was a B.B. King cover band. The album is all over the place, but not in a good way. Blondie is known for having a diverse set of songs on every album, but it is still inherently the Blondie sound. It is who Blondie is as a band. I am not sure who is The Who.

Finding a song I like on this album was difficult. I listened to it probably three times. I wanted to be sure I hated it. It is so highly rated that I thought something is wrong with me. Yes, there is something wrong with me, but it is not that I did not like The Who.

I do think they are very good musicians, but I do not like Roger Daltrey’s voice. “My Generation” is an okay song, but I rather listen to Oasis sing it. The worst cover is probably Hilary Duff’s or Green Day’s version. I am surprised there are not that many covers of it.

If I were to listen to any song again it would be “The Kids Are Alright“. It is the best song on the album. “The Ox” is not bad either, but it is an instrumental. It shows off the talent of the full band, especially Keith Moon the former drummer.

The album is overrated. Yet, I can hear that it is different in some respects to the time period. It has more energy than most of the albums on the 1001 Albums… list up to this point in history. It think it is mediocre at beat. 5/10.

5 thoughts on “1001 Albums #59

  1. I think this is a great album. Youth angst, and they held the record for a long time for loudest concerts, they used to destroy their equipment at the end of the show. Punk rockers.

    1. I did not feel it. It just felt bleh to me. I did not have that kind of angst as a youth. Everything was internal even the music I liked was more internal with a few exceptions.

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