1001 Albums #63

The Byrds again. Some of these groups are over-represented in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. The Byrds should not have another album in the list. If I were in charge I would delete the album Fifth Dimension. It sounds exactly like their previous album.

I listened to the Byrds in the hopes that this would be better than the last album, but I had the same thought. Many of these songs sound like “Turn! Turn! Turn!” It seems like they had one good song in them and they continually copied it in hopes to make another hit.

The Byrds one decent song and it is not even their song.

I cannot give this a really high rating since it seems like that last album I reviewed of theirs. I can only pray for mercy that this is the last album. I would rather listen to The Beatles music before Revolver. It is just awful. 3/10.

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