1001 Albums #67

The Mamas & the Papas’ If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears is a huge surprise. I did not think a group with the words mamas and papas would be great. They sing perfectly together.

Monday, Monday” opens the album perfectly. The harmonies, the beat and the lyrics are relevant. We all hate Mondays for various reasons. I hate it because I am so tired every Monday.

The album has so many good songs that you can play it all and drift away to another time where life was different. John Phillips was the key to the groups lyrics. He was the father of Mackenzie Phillips from One Day At A Time, the original series and not the crappy Netflix reboot and Chynna Phillips of Wilson Phillips. Do you remember “Hold On” from Bridesmaid? And Bijou Phillips who had a career as an actress, but she was known for being a bully. Maybe Gillette should make an ad for women to be better too.

Some of these songs make you feel like you are taking drugs and have been teleported to another dimension. “Got a Feelin” has that ethereal feeling. “I Call Your Name” a Beatles song made better by the female vocals. And “Spanish Harlem” transports you to a magical place where there is a flower that the singer is “going to pick that rose and watch her as she grows in my garden”. If any the crazy people want to protest a song for being date rape material, then this might get on their list.

One of the best songs is “Do You Want to Dance“. They make it sound so romantic and heavenly. I almost want to say, “Yes I want to dance.”

The only song I hate is “The ‘In’ Crowd”. I hate the music and the vocals. Whoever is singing it has a horrible vocal alone and should only sing with the group harmonies.

I highly recommend this album. I played it quite a few times. It deserves to be on many lists for best albums of the 60s. They made magic together for at least this album, except for that painfully horrendous last song. 9/10.

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