1001 Albums #71

Congratulations Simon & Garfunkel! Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme has got to be in the top ten worst names for an album title. You did it! Stop trying to make Rosemary a thing. People do not like it. But maybe they will like the album.

Scarborough Fair/Canticle” the lead track is not an original song from the duo who once went by Tom & Jerry. It is a dreamy song as are a few other songs.

Homeward Bound” is a popular song, but I could not relate to it. I have never had a real home. I feel everywhere I go is not my home. I am just paying money to live there. I move a lot. This period of time is the longest time I have ever lived in one house. I have lived here four years. Before this period, the longest was two years at one place in Budapest, but that was due to a surgery that coincided with my contract for the flat expiring. I reluctantly signed it for another year.

The 59th Street Bridge Song” has a nice beat and some groovy lyrics. It almost made me smile. It is one of those hippy drug songs that is supposed to make you happy, but if you do not smile then you are a jerk. I am a jerk.

The Dangling Conversation” has some nice music, but I will agree with Garfunkel that it is a bit pretentious. The music reminds me of another song from Olivia Newton-John called “Changes“. I sweat the music is the same.

I am surprised how differently the songs are from each other on the album. I have heard Simon & Garfunkel, but I always thought their radio hits were the same. I was never a huge fan of Paul Simon. He had maybe one song I liked. I guess the same cannot be said for Art Garfunkel. They were better together.

This is a really good album. It has stood the test of time unlike Simon & Garfunkel’s friendship. I guess friendships are not something that is supposed to last long. Music last longer. We always have the music. 7/10.

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