Beelzebub, His Bride and the Bastard

i entered the world


changing the life

of a fifteen year old.

As i changed her,

she changed me.

Our first years were


i was the cross she carried

upon her back.

Temptation came



in human


Beelzebub impregnated

the bride,


became four,

we were alone

no more.

Beelzebub proposes.

She accepts

the world he offers.

A pitchfork wedding

in hell

she receives.

Beelzebub was a generous

husband to the bride

and a stepfather to me.

He lavished us

with unwanted gifts.

He gave her the gift

of creativity:

she invented ways to cover up

black eyes and tell incredible


i thought she was forgetful

and forgot to complete

her face paintings.

Beelzebub gave me

a new name

and the back of his


Grandfather, my uncle,

and the school kids

called me

The Bastard.

i can still

hear those voices


to remind me

who i am.

Those voices

became an appendage to my body,

a third leg, useless.

i was grateful to the bride

only once.

She slipped a little pill

into Beelzebub’s hot tea

the night before.

The morning

of the rooster’s crow

she woke me from my

sleeping nightmare.

She whispered

“Pack your clothes.

We are moving out

of Sheol before the Morning Star


As we drove away

i knew i was free

from the chains of Beelzebub.

But she was in bondage

to his lies and manipulations.

As she looked back

through the rear view mirror

i noticed deep in her eyes

Hades’ flames

stained her heart

and Beelzebub

captured her soul.

She was chained

to her master.


2012 Version

2 thoughts on “Beelzebub, His Bride and the Bastard

  1. This is so well written, but so sad. That’s not who you are, Ocean. I hope you know that. Love you.

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