1001 Albums #76

Astrud Gilberto should be a familiar name if you have been reading this blog. She was married to João Gilberto and left him for their musical partner Stan Getz. I will be honest that I have zero interest in listening her sing Bossa Nova on her album Beach Samba. Even critics did not like the album, so I am not sure how it made it on 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

Yes, I hate this type of music. It would be great if you are wanting to get information out of someone and waterboarding is out of question. This album will bore anyone into submission. It is not just the music, but her wallflower vocals that are killing me. Imagine Doris Day. Take away the sunshine and you will have the vocal abilities and personality of Gilberto.

I cannot recommend listening to this album unless you are using it to commit suicide. I cannot think of a better album for it, except for Joan Baez’s album. Unbearable, but still not as bad as Joan Baez. 1/10.

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