1001 Albums #79

Psychedelic music tend to be a hit or miss with me. Electric Music for the Mind and Body is Country Joe and the Fish‘s debut album, which sort of hits and misses.

I was afraid when I saw the band’s name Country Joe and the Fish. I really hate country music. The only thing worse or near worse is Joan Baez. Country music sounds like a thousand deaths with a room full of cats laughing at your misery.

But this band is not country so Country Joe is a misnomer. The band goes in and out of blues and psychedelic music with ease. On the song “Bass Strings” I feel as if I am in a small smoky room getting high. Most of this album will give off a sense of getting high in the 60s. The band has achieved what I wished The Beatles had done with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

The misses on the album for me are “Porpoise Mouth“, “Love“, “Superbird” and “Grace“. Grace is a overly long self-indulgent homage to Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane. I actually thought the singer for the band was a woman at times. I was surprised the singer was a man.

I think this is a great overlooked album from the 60s. The influence it would have on the years to follow cannot be disputed. Unfortunately this band suffers the same disease as many bands do for this time period of too many lineup changes and break-ups by 1970. 8.5/10.

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